"Military Enginery Scientific and Technical Journal.
Counter-terrorism technical devices.Issue 16."
Issue (153- 154)



Stulov Sergey Vladimirovich
Kozin Michael Nikolaevich
Scientific and theoretical substantiation of the formation of military and economic security in the CSTO system
Krachkov Andrey Aleksandrovich
Semenov Sergey Sergeyevich
Generalized model of the supply system for military units with special-purpose equipment
Nesterenko Oleg Evgen'evich
Goncharov Alexey Mikhailovich
Platonov Sergey Alexandrovich
Optimizing the structures of parallel program of computer systems for special purposes
Grischenko Kirill Alexandrovich
Padishin Sergey Alexandrovich
Sazikin Andrey Mikhailovich
Kurochka Vladimir Sergeevich
Methodology for assessing the stability of an information and telecommunications network based on the route capacity indicator, taking into account the weight coefficients of information exchange elements
Sokolovsky Sergey Petrovich
Gorbachev Alexander Alexandrovich
Method for proactive protection of mail server from unsolicited emails
Globin Yurij Olegovich
Methods for protecting from imitation data transmitted over radio channels of complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles
Shelpakov Sergey Yuryevich
Akhtulov Alexey Leonidovich
Agafonov Denis Sergeevich
Calculation model for estimating the dynamic tension of the diesel engine crankshaft
Popov Sergey Sergeevich
Popov Andrey Sergeevich
Kuzin Pavel Igorevich
Lipatnikov Valery Alekseevich
The algorithm for distributing traffic among channels special purpose field communication network
Sorokin Mikhail Alexandrovich
Starodubcev Jurij Ivanovich
Methodology for substantiating the number and locations of network control facilities for information exchange between elements of the corporate management system
Kuralenko Sergey Vasilyevich
Chikirev Oleg Sergeevich
Izhboldin Ivan Ssergeevich
Special equipment of the military police of the Russian Federation armed forces
Starodubcev Jurij Ivanovich
Ivanov Sergej Aleksandrovich
Zakalkin Pavel Vladimirovich
Vershennik Elena Valer’evna
Method for determining optimum periodicity of complex object state monitoring
Yarygin Yury Nikolaevich
Byvshich Dmitry Mikhaylovich
Korobeynikov Pavel Andreevich
Assessment of efficiency of application of forces and electronic warfare while combating committing acts of sabotage on objects of infrastructure: a methodological aspect
Kalyaev Anatoly Igorevich
Korovin Yakov Sergeevich
Complex for detecting and defeating intruder UAVS using interceptor UAVS
Stadnik Aleksandr Nikolaevich
Alpeev Evgeniy Vasilevich
Skryl’ Sergey Vasilevich
Methodology for creating a database of computer attack classifications based on the use of intelligent analysis of computer attack signatures
Kletskov Dmitry Alexandrovich
Kuzmin Vitaly Vladimirovich
Egorov Aleksandr Sergeevich
Recognition of the type of packets transmitted in «SKYPE» peer-to-peer multiservice network traffic
Basharichev Aleksej Vladimirovich
Okunev Igor' Sergevich
Sirotyuk Viktor Yаroslavovich
On the issue of interagency cooperation on prevention of emergency situations
Makarov Igor Yuryevich
Vladimirov Vladimir Yuryevich
Ivakhnyuk Sergey Grigoryevich
Fradkina Natalya Aleksandrovna
Poroshin Pavel Vitalyevich
Comprehensive forensic investigation of the traces and circumstances of the explosion (criminalistics and forensic aspects)
Kolomiets Sergej Nikolaevich
Tsukanov Andrej Sergeevich
Analysis and justification of the optimal rate of fire for 9×19 mm pistol with automatic firing capabilities for developing on tactical and technical requirements
Sinyutin Yuri Vladimirovich
Tsukanov Andrej Sergeevich
Prospects for the use of electronic shooting simulation systems in shooting training of law enforcement officers
Edigarov Vyacheslav Robertovich
Alimbaeva Botagoz Shaidulovna
Combined surface modification of parts of military caterpillar machines made from titanium alloys
Puchkov Andrey Sergeevich
Demidov Fyodor Andreevich
Heat treatment of steel types 9CRSI and CRWMN for use in armor protection elements
Komarov Konstantin Mikhailovich
Gabdrashitov Il'dar Rashitovich
Application of the built-in diagnostic system transmission mechanisms for military vehicles
Prishchenko Alina Vladimirovna
Vasilyev Mikhail Aleksandrovich
Zaitsev Anatoly Innokentievich
Estimation of efficiency of functioning of light fire panels under smoke conditions