"Вопросы оборонной техники
Научно-технический журнал. Технические средства противодействия терроризму. Серия 16."
Выпуск (147 - 148)



Bagretsov Sergey Alekseevich, Petrov Dmitry Mikhailovich, Gavrilov Alexey Vitalievich
Methodology for selecting the implementation option of an investment project a military-industrial complex enterprise under risk conditions
Averyanov Vladimir Konstantinovich, Sarkisov Sergey Vladimirovich, Korpusov Alexander Nicolaevich, Valuysky Vitaly Andreevich
Heat supply problems from the standpoint of energy security
Kryukova Elena Sergeevna
Model of functioning of an electronic library for analyzing its quality and information security
Borisov Andrey Valeryevitch, Konchina Larisa Vladimirovna, Kulikova Marina Gennadievna, Maslova Kseniia Sergeevna
Modeling human movement in a passive exoskelet With spring elements of two types
Kanaev Andrey Konstantinovich, Zhadan Oleg Pavlovich, Zhadan Tatyana Valeryevna, Maslov Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Models of the functioning of the special purpose field transport communication network taking into account the influence of destabilizing factors
Volkov Aleksey Anatolevich
Methodology for substantiating the requirements for the accuracy of the delivery of electromagnetic ammunition
Ivanov Vladimir Vasilyevich, Shabalin Denis Viktorovich
А mathematical model for determining the relative change in mechanical loss with a change in the thermal state of the engine
Tali Dmitry Iosifovich
Method of cryptographic recursive 2-D control integrity of metadata files of electronic documents processed by automated information systems for military purposes, based on chain data recording technology
Starodubcev Jurij Ivanovich, Zakalkin Pavel Vladimirovich, Ivanov Sergej Aleksandrovich, Dobryshin Mihail Mihajlovich
Method of protecting communication network service Servers against computer attacks
Ladyshkin Grigorij Sergeevich, Fedorenko Andrej Vladimirovich, Shevсhuk Andrej Mihajlovich
Methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of simulation activities carried out in order to improve the security of particularly dangerous and technically complex objects
Zaytsev Sergey Aleksandrovich, Sirotin Ilya Nikolaevich, Levin Dmiytry Victorovich
Assessment of the accuracy of determining the location of radio sources by a group of three unmanned aerial vehicles
Pankov Artem Sergeevich, Puchkov Andrey Sergeevich, Lavrentieva Sofya Vasilievna
Physical protection system for nuclear power plants
Zhemchuzhin Evgeniy Flyurovich, Silnikov Mikhail Vladimirovich
Targeting systems of torpedo weapons US Navy
Nechaev Vitaliy Viktorovich
The system of technical operation of military vehicles: analysis of functioning, emerging contradictions, formulation of a scientific problem
Vishnyakov Nikolaj Ivanovich
Generalized method of forming a rational queue for restoring military communications equipment and automated control systems when performing special tasks
Materi Igor Vyacheslavovich, Buryan Igor Aleksandrovich, Kolunina Yulia Aleksandrovna
Comparative analysis of performance electrictorch and gas-electrictorch devices of diesel engine of military vehicle
Nagovitsyn Andrey Vladimirovich, Safaraleev Vasily Arifovich,Voznuk Valery Vasilevich
Method for compensating deformations of structure of large-sized active phased array antennas for radio-technical complexes of orbital basing
Stulov Sergey Vladimirovich, Ermokhin Aleksander Vladimirovich, Sabirov Radik Minabydinovich
Preliminare experimental stude the nature of vibration on the compressor stage bearing housing 9I56 gas turbine engine
Fomenko Denis Sergeevich, Shmatkov Ruslan Nikolaevich
Implementation of communication optimization model in conditions of creation of siberian electronic customs
Gorodtsova Oksana Olegovna
Product conformity assessment system for nuclear facilities