"Вопросы оборонной техники
Научно-технический журнал. Технические средства противодействия терроризму. Серия 16."
Выпуск (143 - 144)



Novokshonov Igor Evgenyevich, Mikchailova Olga Borisovna, Rogozhin Sergey Sergeevich
Integration of complexes of technical means of protection of objects of armed forces of the Russian Federation of the highest category for protection against mine unmanned aerial vehicles
Stulov Sergey Vladimirovich, Mokrousov Alexey Sergeevich
Method of evaluation of military-economic efficiency of resource provision of military consumers of the Russian Federation with the use of foreign logistics potential
Filippskih Evgeniy Eduardovich, Belokopytov Mark L'vovich, Galkin Fedor Aleksandrovich
A typical scenario for solving problems of military authorities using artificial intelligence methods and technologies in terms of collecting, processing and analyzing unstructured data
Bykov Andrei Petrovich, Kuzmin Nikolay Sergeyevich, Medvetskiy Sergey Vladimirovich
Features of external ballistics of bodies equipped with flexible link
Machnev Sergey Aleksandrovich, Surin Dmitry Vasilevich, Shevchuk Andrei Mikhailovich
Theory of ricochet of conventional weapons from the surfaces of protective environments and structures of target objects in the conditions of their calculated impact
Makhov Denis Sergeevich
Increase in stability of management by functional parameters of the spatial distributed radio engineering systems in the robotic complexes based on the fuzzy sets
Lebedev Pavel Vladimirovich
Model of a function system for the technological management of an infocommunication network
Ivanov Stanislav Valeryevich, Nechepurenko Alexander Petrovich, Besedin Sergey Aleksandrovich
Organization of information protection in control systems for intelligent robotic complexes of dual use
Volkov Aleksey Anatolevich
Spatial characteristics of the damaging effects of electromagnetic ammunitions
Korobeynikov Pavel Andreevich, Byvshich Dmitry Mikhaylovich, Yarygin Yury Nikolaevich
The choice of rational composition and methods of application of electronic warfare units formation of territorial troops: methodological aspect
Ilyin Vladimir Viktorovich, Nikolaev Nikolay Vladimirovich, Krivosheya Denis Olegovich
Urgent issues of detecting objects made of polymer materials using 3D printing technology
Grankin Maxim Gennadievich, Goncharova Alain Vitalievna
Calculation and theoretical substantiation of technical solution for short forcing of diesel engines
Terzi Dmitry Vladimirovich, Altukhov Yakov Vyacheslavovich, Materi Igor Vyacheslavovich
Phase transition heat accumulator as a means of improving the starting characteristics of engines under negative temperatures
Radchenko Pavel Andreevich, Batuev Stanislav Pavlovich, Radchenko Andrey Vasiljevich
Numerical modeling of high-velocity oblique interaction of long rods with composite barriers
Borisov Nikolay Nikolaevich, Bazdyrev Alexey Vladimirovich
Application of paraaramide threads in the elements of body armor and problems of their operation
Tsurikov Sergey Gennadevich, Denisov Alexey Victorovich, Zhukov Igor Eugenevich, Kotosov Alexander Albertovich
Estimation of the parameters of the local back deformation when the armor panel is not broken by a striking element based on high-speed video recording
Sycheva Anastasia Maksimovna, Kamenev Yuri Alexandrovich, Machnev Sergey Alexandrovich
Non-autoclave foam concrete based on polymers for artificial ductile elements of protective structures of special fortifications
Mandritsa Dmitry Petrovich
Perfection of deformation model of concrete at compression on the basis of the resulted factor of the secant module
Plyahotko Ivan Sergeevich, Plyakhotko Ivan Ivanovich
A new approach to the assessment of combat training in units and divisions of the fuel service
Drozd Dmitry Alexandrovich
Calculation of normative indicators of loading and unloading operations byacrane-manipulator with the help of pipe tongs