"Вопросы оборонной техники
Научно-технический журнал. Технические средства противодействия терроризму. Серия 16."
Выпуск (141 - 142)



Aleksandr Nikolaevich Kaptuh, Dmitry Yurievich Kravets, Aleksandr Fedorovich Moroz
Autonomus mobile complex of life support for little numbers of military units in the artic region
Оlga Vladimirovna Rostova, Svetlana Vladimirovna Shirokova, Roman Fedorovich Usikov
Management of information and technological support systems at enterprisec for the production of technical complexes
Sergey Vladimirovich Stulov, Aleksey Sergeevich Mokrousov
Modern specifics and conditions of ensuring military and economic efficiency of material support of troops (forces) outside the state
Valeriy Ivanovich Babenkov, Yuriy Dmitrievich Kravets, Dmitriy Yurievich Kravets
Mathematical model pf functioning transport and technological systems of militari transport in non-port conditions
Viktor Vladimirovich Stepanov, Mikhail Sergeevich Аndryushchenko, Gennadiy Andreevich Gumenjuk
The rational methods of aerosol jamming by a complex of optoelectronic countermeasures for armored vehicles protection from guided weapons
Dmitriy Vasilievich Surin, Andreiy Mikhaiylovich Shevchuk, Sergey Yurievich Karasev, Igor Nikolaevich Kuzhekin
Methodology for the rapid assessment of the equipment during fragmentation protection by conventional high-explosive ammunitions
Ilya Nikolaevich Sirotin, Valeriy Vasilievich Voznuk, Sergey Aleksandrovich Zaicev
Modified differential-ranging method for determining the location of interference sources to satellite communication systems based on the principle of spatially distributed signal and interference relaying
Pavel Igorevich Kuzin, Valeriy Аlekseevich Lipatnikov, Ilya Aleksandrovich Potapov
Method of operability of change of parameters of adaptation of radio means in VHF range
Nikolay Ivanovich Vishnyakov
Model of a system for complex maintenance and repair of communication equipment and automated control systems under the influence of the enemy
Andrey Aleksandrovich Smirnov, Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Kudriavtsev, Sergey Yurievich Galov
Forming of digital geospatial terrain model considering features of the ground
Aleksandr Vladimirovich Ermohin, Aleksey Sergeevich Mokrousov, Ildar Rashitovich Gabdrashitov
Development of methods for predicting the residicting the residual life of bearing units of gas turbine engines means of pover supply
Sergey aleksandrovich Padishin, Andrey Mikhaylovich Sazikin, Kirill Aleksandrovich Grischenko
A method of dynamic routing of traffic in a communication network based on the use of a routing table with a dynamic metric adapted to packet parameters
Aleksandr Yurievich Kondratyev, Sergey Ivanovich Shabunin, Vladimir Vasilievich Ryabov, Sergey Sergeevich Rogozhin
Methodological principles of the formation and functioning of the integrated security system of structural units of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, operating nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities
Sergey Sergeenich Anosov, Roman Sregeevich Anosov, Dmitriy Mikhaylovich Byvshich
Issues of systemic and technic-economic justifications of information security in order to counter terrorist activities
Maksim Valerievich Pylinsky, Stanislav Petrovich Krivtsov, Aleksey Stanislavovich Zakharchenko
Hierarchical system of performance indicators for the operation of a special purpose communication network as a multi-level and dynamic system
Pavel Vladimirovich Zakalkin, Mikhail Mikhaylovich Dobryshin, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Brechko, Ruslan Viktorovich Gutsyn
The suggestion to lower the damage of network attacks VPN server
Albina Aleksandrovna Volkova, Artem Sergeevich Novozhilov
Special case for transportation of limited access media
Vladimir Aleksandrovich Minaev, Aleksandr Valerianovich Kotovich, Dmitriy Valentinovich Sevryukov
Application of metal detectors for counteraction to terrorism
Aleksey Leonidovich Ipatov
Features of localization of explosive subjects by improvised means
Mikhail Vladimirovich Silnikov, Nikita Mikhaylovich Silnikov, Aleksandr Ivanovich Spivak, Dmitriy Dmitrievich Barkov
Development of a bulby resistant material from ballistic fabric at the account of multistage processing by chemical compositions
Aleksandr Yurievich Andryushkin, Alena Andreevna Kirshina, Stanislav Andreevich Meshcheryakov
Estimation of probability of formation of monolithic metal products by selective laser melting
Evgeniy Yakovlevich Bubnov
Theoretical calculation of amplitude-frequency characteristic of mechanical oscillating system «local inhomogeneity – soil»
Nikolay Nikolaevich Gusev, Aleksandr Оlegovich Kucherenko, Fedor Еvgenievich Kovalev
Experimental studi of metrological parametrs of the strain sensor of the intelligent monitoring system